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The Claver Group provides consultation regarding our clients' intelligence needs including employee recruitment, development and retention, professional integrity, physical security and data security needs through its partnerships with a diverse group of seasoned professionals. The integrity of any firm is dependent upon the integrity of those who massage and manipulate the company's daily responsibilities. We're here to aid in that mission. At The Claver Group, our commitment begins with providing a well-rounded understanding of our client's most valuable asset - it's people. We conduct pre-employment background investigations as well as provide support to our clients in need of internal examination of matters relating to employee conduct designed to ensure that our clients' leadership teams can identify regulatory compliance, operational and administrative issues in a proactive rather than reactive manner. Results from these preemptive activities give our clients the opportunity to take remedial actions that will minimize encounters with employees, customers, vendors, partners and affiliates as well as government agencies that often prove costly and time consuming.

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